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Saturday Program

New Hampshire has recently changed the regulations on the minimum age for teen drivers. You can now sign up for any class as long as you are 15 years, 9 months old by the first day of class.

PLEASE NOTE:  A DEPOSIT IS DUE AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION, OR THE ACCOUNT WILL BE DELETED IN THREE DAYS. Contact us within three business days if you plan to pay by check.

  • Saturday Program

    The Saturday Program is tailored toward students who are athletes or who are involved in other extra-curricular activities that prevent them from attending weeknight driver education classes. The Saturday classes may take longer; however, the student will have the flexibility of taking driver education while still playing sports or participating in other activities. 

    • 30 hours of classroom instruction with a certified driver education instructor
    • 10 hours of practice driving with a certified driver education instructor
    • 6 hours of driving observation with a certified driver education instructor

    In addition to the above, each student must log 40 additional hours of supervised driving time with a parent, guardian or other responsible adult. Ten of these hours must be completed at night, and the time must be documented on a Driver's Out-Of-Class Log Sheet.

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