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What is the Observation Form that I need to sign with my parent/guardian?

Is there door to door service during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Do you instruct students in a car with a manual transmission?

Can I pick drive times online?

How do I schedule drives?

Can my parent sign me up for my drives?

Can parents ride in the vehicle to observe the instructors and students?

What if I miss a drive or cancel after the 24 hour window of my drive?

Can I cancel a drive and not be charged a $100 fee?

Where will my student be picked up for drive times?

Can I practice drive anywhere if I am with my parents?

Do I need a permit to drive in New Hampshire?

Payment & Refund Policies

Can I send a check for the deposit?

Without a $250 deposit, is my seat guaranteed?

What is the refund policy?


Are classes in-person or online?

When I registered for a class, it asks for my permit number. What does this mean?

If my class begins online, will it be online throughout the duration of the class?

What precautions are being taken by 603 Driving School during the Pandemic?

Is the first class mandatory?

What happens if I miss a third class?

What if my child is not exactly 15.9 years on first day of class?

Can I sign up for a class and finish with another class?

Can I miss more than two classes?

When is my teen eligible for driver education?

What if my child has an IEP?

When is driver education required?

At what age may I learn to drive?